Featuring the queen of gospel and Soul: Dewi Lopulalan (The Course , The Big Audition) Kitty Althof vocals (VWT band) Peter Schoemaker vocals ( Lady Lake I, Moween) Gerard de Braconier Gitaar (Lady Lake, Toontje lager , Captain Gumbo) Peter Oudendijk Gitaar (The Breeze) Ronald Breurman Bas (Lady Lake I) Jan Dubbe Drums (Lady Lake II).

The Brink derives from a period where more or less everybody was in a school band, or so it seemed. We’re talking the beginning of the ‘70’s. Lots of bands, lots of competition. Especially in Deventer, The Netherlands. Great and obscure names like Locomotiefje, Delay, Schoemaker Broeklander Experience, Instead of Stones, After Math, Rene Muller Experience, Persecution, Session and Lady Lake, to name but a few.

For some of the people involved in these bands music remained a constant factor in their lives. Now it’s 2019 and we’ve moved into our own sixties. Recently Peter Schoemaker organized a more or less spontaneous reunion in Utrecht, the Netherlands, after more than 40 years. And yes, the music and the vibes were still there. New music, this time with a message matured through our life’s experiences.

Our main goal is the pleasant musical journey we’re undertaking including all the historic and real fun, playing nice and good quality ‘Festival-Rebel-Rock’. Understandably we’re too old and lazy to play in empty halls for small audiences. So we decided to take the modern approach by putting our message on the web.